ennio morricone “good bad ugly” – best of
kid koala & dynomite d “third world lover” – bombay 2 electric vindaloo
king tubby “champion version” – hometown hifi
margarita sierra “cha cha twist” – chicas
april march “cet air la” – chick habit
bobby de soto “the cheater” – keb darge & little edith
the flying burrito brothers “christines tune” – best of
subatomic sound system “the chronicles” – king size dub
el michels affair “cherchez la ghost” – enter the 37th chamber
stereophonic space sound unlimited “contract killer” – spooky sound sessions
phantom 309 “red giants” – 3000 crooked miles to honolulu
phantom 309 “rasul” – 3000 crooked miles to honolulu
phantom 309 “motor oil” – 3000 crooked miles to honolulu
phono comb “enchante” – fresh gasoline
phono comb “the crass and the switchblade” – fresh gasoline
phono comb “clogs from the crypt” – fresh gasoline
fuad & fezztones “camel walk” – beeramid
fuad & fezztones “brother in law” – beeramid
lindi ortega “faded gloryville” – faded gloryville
lindi ortega “half moon” – faded gloryville
family of the year “st. croix” – loma vista
family of the year “everytime” – loma vista
melanie brulee “bust it up & fix it” – Fires, Floods & Things We Leave Behind
the 427s “the big sleep” – stay gold
the 427s “liberty belle” – stay gold
the 427s “bullitt” – stay gold
the 427s “dead men don’t wear plaid” – stay gold
up bustle & out “city breakers” – king size dub
the shacklefords “the city never sleeps” – the shacklefords sing
jay & the americans “come a littl bit closer” – best of
gordon lightfoot “cotton jenny” – best of
william shatner “common people” – has been
badbadnotgood “confessions” – III
lindi ortega “comeback kid” – liberty
total experience “contradiction” – keb darge best of legendary funk

Live show. 809 start

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