ennio morricone “good bad ugly” – best of
dynamic tints “package of love” – twinights lunar rotation
nate evans “main squeeze” – twinights lunar rotation
renaldo domino “not too cool to cry” – twinights lunar rotation
the mystiques “so good to have you home again” – twinights lunar rotation
pat stallworth “questions” – Eccentric Soul Omnibus
deralcha “ghet-to-tunk” – Eccentric Soul Omnibus
stone creations “hands on a golden key” – Eccentric Soul Omnibus
the ebb tides “big noise from waimea” – lost legends of surf guitar
billy mure “flaming guitar” – birth of surf V3
the reverberators “terror pipe” – instrobeat 2001
heatscores “the sunset flip” – instrobeat 2001
strangeday “hodad” – instrobeat 2001
the deadcats “high lonesome cactus” – instrobeat 2001
the falcons “barracuda” – instrobeat 2001
brasstronaut “paris” – ST
skye wallace “war years” – something wicked
the starlight pines “old yale road” – old yale road
the evaporators “I can’t be shaved” – ogopogo punk
in drift “3 reasons” – better days
tami neilson “holy moses” – don’t be afraid
J.D. & the Sunshine Band “45 minute set” – soaking up the rays
lesbo vrouven “coloris” – grifff pifff
swamp thing “curriculum” – pray to science
glam sam & his combo “the disco kid” – groovy!
lola dutronic “l’amour est bleu” – everyone’s a star
cornel campbell “try to be a man” – king size dub V II
ken boothe “when I fall in love” – king size dub V II
calibro 35 “five dolls for an august moon” – ritornano quelli di
el michel’s affair “glaciers of ice” – enter the 37th chamber
the coasters “down in mexico” – best of

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