Artist, Title, Song

ennio morricone, best of, good bad ugly
air, love 2, be a bee
unforscene, hotel costes 12, alright
general electriks, hotel costes 12, raid the radio
stephane pompougnac, hotel costes 12, soul salsa soul
normalities, hotel costes 12, pink skyscraper
st. germain, black martini, soul salsa soul
mo horizons, black martini, brazil
julee cruise, black martini, you’re staring at me
patchworks, black martini, i guess you always knew
pink martini, black martini, song of the black lizard
atomic 7, costumes by edith head, day of the deadbeats
atomic 7, costumes by edith head, the man with the golden card
atomic 7 , costumes by edith head, her sassy kiss
the expos, blackwater, just another waste
the expos, blackwater, rough stone
phatty phatty & the roaches, stanley, lonesome
phatty phatty & the roaches, stanley, palace of gold
pink martini, splendor in the grass, and then you’re gone
chris joss, you’ve been spiked, you’ve been spiked
los furios, run devil run, jellyfish
the wave dwellers, st, mr. motto
the laundronauts, come clean, launder-annette
the slackers, lost and found, it will all come back
the shagbots, we were born tigers, kildo martinez
spiral beach, the only really thing, battery
los straitjackets, further adventures of, teen beast
thunderball, black martini, the panther

st = self titled rmx = remixed

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