Artist, Title, Song

cracker, kerosene hat, eurotrash girl
portage & main, st, what have I done
portage & main, st, morning after
whitehorse, st, emerald isle
whitehorse, st, i’m on fire
elizabeth, hazards horrors & liabilities, death of plato
ladybug transistor, clutching stems, clutching stems
elizabeth, hazards horrors & liabilities, cassius clay
johnny wakelin, best of, muhammad ali
giraffe aftermath, sleepless nights, cops & cabs
cowboy junkies, open road, murder tonight in the trailer park
raespoon, I can’t keep all our secrets, I can’t keep all our secrets
schomberg fair, st, I’d raise my hand
smokaholics, welcome to vansterdam, puff and pass
easy star all stars, dub side of the moon, money
sharon jones, I learned the hard way, money
socalled, sleepover, work with what you got
REM, life’s rich pageant, undearneath the bunker
Coeur de Pirate , Blonde, Adieu
little ben & the cheers, eccentric soul, never more
jerry townes, eccentric soul, you are my sunshine
neil young & the international harvesters, a treasure, southern pacific
charlotte cornfield, two horses, gananoque
bruna caram, brazilian beat, feriado pessoat
lijadu sisters, danger, amebo
grace jones , hurricane, well well well


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