ennio morricone “good bad ugly” – best of
them two “am i a good man” – eccentric soul deep city
the smoke “addicted” – king size dub ch. 69
malcolm mclaren “about her” – kill bill V2
bobby womack “across 110th street” – best of
the shacklefords “ain’t it babe” – the shacklefords sing
REM “all the way to reno” – reveal
duane eddy “along the navajo trail” – greatest hits
the surfdusters “attack of the 50 ft. surf” – instrobeat
stereophonic space sound unlimited “action scope” – the spooky sound sessions
ramblin’ ambassadors “camino real” – Vista Cruiser Country Squire
ramblin’ ambassadors “cecilia ann” – Vista Cruiser Country Squire
falcons “the boudoir girls” – atomic guitar
falcons “belair” – atomic guitar
the fuzz kings “never told a lie when I said maybe” – re-turn of the century
the fuzz kings “I’m your repo man” – Your kids are gonna love it!
moss lime “ice cream sandwiches” – july first
melanie durrant “four seasons” – anticipation
melanie durrant “sunburn” – anticipation
andria simone “operator” – good lovin’
case lang veirs “honey and smoke” – ST
case lang veirs “delirium” – ST
coco love alcorn “good news” – wonderland
coco love alcorn “trouble” – wonderland
sunshine & the blue moon “never looking back” – welcome to the future
sunshine & the blue moon “sunshine & lucy” – welcome to the future
the violent femmes “american music” – viva wisconsin
neil young “are there any more real cowboys?” – old ways
elvis presley “an american trilogy” – artist of the century
thievery corporation “amerimacka” – best of
the incredible bongo band “apache” – bongo rock
soma sonic “the carousel” – simplicity
nina simone rmx “ain’t got no I got life” – remixed & reimagined

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