Artist, Title, Song

Ennio Morricone, Best of, Good Bad Ugly
eddy arnold, vintage country, cattle call
Twin River, Rough Gold, Jangler
sue richards & maggie sansone, putumayo instrumental, bressay lullaby
Beach House, Bloom, Myth
dent may, do things, tell her
dale murray, dream mountain dream, my new world
andre williams & sadies, night and day, mississippi & joliet
the bitterweed draw, heart of the old west, warm whiskey
the shins, port of morrow, it's only life
adaline, modern romantics, that's what you do best
Canailles, Manger du Bois, La Route
the sugarman 3, what the world needs now, rudy's intervention
the sugarman 3, what the world needs now, your friendly neigbourhood sugarman
m. ward, a wasteland companion, sweetheart
cuff the duke, in our time, always looking
the falcons, ep collection, shadow land
the falcons, EP Collection, Black Ice
Giraffe Aftermath, Sleepless Nights, Lion Man
Giraffe Aftermath, sleepless nights, Money
mati zundel, amazonico gravitante, por el pueblo
tennis, young & old, origins
terry malts, killing time, something about you
the elwins, and I thank you, come on out
Bend Sinister, On My Mind, Give it a Rest
yppah , eighty one, blue schwinn
thievery corporation, it takes a thief, warning shots
mark & sally, marcheselli produzion, bengala bay
sonny & the sunsets, tomorrow is alright, planet of women
cobra killer, 76/77, LA shaker
streetlife DJs, EP, gunn crime
erroll dunkley, king size dub ch 15, black cinderella
st = self-titled 

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