Artist, Title, Song

Ennio Morricone, Best of, Good Bad Ugly
ohio players, old school jams gold, love rollercoaster
ariane moffatt, ma, hotel amour
tennis, young & old, my better self
Islands, A Sleep & A Forgetting, This is Not a Song
evaporators & kate nash, busy doing nothing, my chinchilla
Wintermitts, Océans, Le Paradis
evaporators & fuad & feztones, busy doing nothing, welcome to my castle
fuad & feztones, beeramid, soul camel
memoryhouse, the slideshow effect, all our wonder
B.A. johnson, hi dudes, sesame street fighter
B.A. johnson, hi dudes, dirtbag beach
michael reinhart, lost & found, my mistake
nature of, st, open up
drew smith, the secret languages, kachina
the strumbellas, my father and the hunter, the bird that follows me
the submarines, the shoelaces EP, just like honey
lana del rey, born to die, blue jeans
heartless bastards, arrow, got to have rock and roll
bad weather california, sunkissed, I’ll reach out my hand
damien jurado, maraqopa, maraqopa
cardinal, hymns, her
balkan beat box, give, part of the glory
gnarls barkley, st. elsewhere, crazy
the shacklefords , the shacklefords sing, the city never sleeps
the texas tornados, best of, is anybody goin’ to san antone
the texas tornados, best of, una mas cerveza
REM, lifes rich pageant, cuyahoga
the beladeans, st, i want it now
the smokaholics, welcome to vansterdam, puff and pass
fuad & the feztones, beeramid, cairo twist
fuad & the feztones, beeramid, camel walk
Thievery Corporation, Culture of Fear, Fragments

st = self-titled

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