billy mystic “a hard rain’s going to fall” – is it rolling bob?
dubmatix “happy” – system shakedown
easy star all stars “have a cigar” – dub side of the moon
neil young “he was the king” – prairie wind
allan sherman “harvey & sheila” – best of
tom jones “help yourself” – best of
shadowy men on a shadowy planet “having an average weekend” – savvy show stoppers
pixies “havalina” – bossanova
huevos rancheros “trouble a brewin'” – muerte del toro
huevos rancheros “moondawg 2000” – muerte del toro
billy mure “flaming guitar” – birth of surf v3
johnny & the hurricanes “sheba” – birth of surf v3
the fuzz kings “I’m your repo man” – your kids are going to love it
the surfdusters “surf buggy” – save the waves
moss lime “i always get what I want” – zoo du quebec
moss lime “dream boat” – zoo du quebec
rattesnake choir “spaghetti sunrise” – the prospector’s curse
rattlesnake choir “down for you” – the prospector’s curse
swamp thing “welcome to the planet” – planet murk
beekeepers “work related issues” – II
galerie stratique “ville engloutie” – reves de beton
martin denny “hawaiian war chant” – enchanted islands
the smiths “heaven knows I’m miserable now” – best of
elvis presley “please release me” – live on stage
serge gainsbourg “69 anne erotique” – best of
stereo total “hello ladies” – baby ouh
pink martini “hey eugene” – hey eugene
nina simone “here comes the sun” – here comes the sun
havana 3 am “hey amigo” – havana 3 am

Rebroadcast of Jan. 27-16 show. Thx JV

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