artist – song (album)
Ennio Morricone – Good Bad Ugly (Best of)
jacques dutronc – et moi et moi et moi (et moi et moi et moi)
antibalas – che che cole makossa (daptone gold)
stereo total – cinemania (do the bambi)
stereo total – barbe a papa (baby ouh!)
the surfdusters – surf buggy (save the waves)
The Surfdusters – Radar Hill (Save the Waves)
richard de bordeaux – la drogue (pop a paris disc 2)
renate kern – der wasserman (funky frauleins)
atomic 7 – 7 stranded castanets (gowns by edith head)
atomic 7 – you ain’t having fun till your’e dialing 911 (gowns by edith head)
the awesomhots – whiskeytown (ST)
messer chups – fantomasophobia (crazy price)
lola dutronic – l’amour est bleue (everyone’s a star)
Air – Alpha Beta Gaga (Talkie Walkie)
BA Johnston – bad cat sitter (mission accomplished)
BA johnston – Tim Hortons (mission accomplished)
the beach boys – don’t worry baby (endless summer)
the shacklefords – aint it? babe (the shacklefords sing)
Andria Simone – Operator (Good Lovin’)
andria simone – I’m in trouble (good lovin’)
the courtneys – manion (ST)
house of david gang – best I can be (reggae warrior)
the bombay royale – jaan pehechan ho (bombay royale ep)
gotan project – desilusion (tango 3.0)
herbst in peking – german fools (king size dub ch 13)
western roots – rockers galore (babylon central)

ST = self-titled

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