ennio morricone “good bad ugly” – best of
pepe deluxe “ask for a kiss” – beatitude
pepe deluxe “daddy’s blazing bbq” – beatitude
michael liggins “standing on the corner” – eccentric soul mike lenaburg
michael liggins “black and beautiful” – eccentric soul mike lenaburg
the soulsations “broadway shing a ling pt 1” – eccentric soul mike lenaburg
peter reno “contact” – dramatic funk themes v3
robert hall “fat man part II” – dramatic funk themes v 3
afternoons in stereo “return of the puma” – el puma ep
the awesomehots “whiskeytown” – ST
stereophonic space sound unlimited “the lizard” – jet sound inc.
stereophonic space sound unlimited “harlem nocturne” – jet sound inc.
the surfdusters “the moons of jupiter” – save the waves
the surfdusters “chill” – save the waves
urban surf kings “luger 3” – surf vs. the flying saucers
urban surf kings “the day the surf stood still” – surf vs. the flying saucers
urban surf kings “satellites over praha” – surf vs. the flying saucers
slim moore & the mar-kays “slims theme” – introducing
slim moore & the mar-kays “cityscape” – introducing
pink martini “song of the black lizard” – sympathique
pink martini “city of night” – hey eugene
melanie durrant “sunburn” – anticipation
melanie durrant “mr. wonderful” – anticipation
desmond williams “theme from a dream” – Delights Of The Garden
desmond williams “um favor” – Delights Of The Garden
b-52s “summer of love” – bouncing off the satellites
blitzen trapper “furr” – furr
camera obscura “the sweetest thing” – my maudlin career
camera obscura “my maudlin career” – my maudlin career
the cowsills “the rain the park and other things” – best of
da damn phreak noiz phunk “blueberry view” – electric crate digger
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