ennio morricone “good bad ugly” – best of
kid koala & dynomite d “third world lover” – bombay 2 electric vindaloo
glam sam & his combo “the dude” – groovy
spic beatz & pak-man “inspector jays big score” – bombay 2 electric vindaloo
fresh moods “solarcell” – exhale
tipsy “kitty’s daydream” – buzzz
dubblestandart “marijuana dreams” – king size dub vol 13
thievery corporation “let the chalice blaze” – temple of I & I
los straitjackets/ nick lowe “cruel to be kind” – what’s so funny about peace love & understanding
los straitjackets “game of thrones” – channel surfing ep
tijuana bibles “deadly weapons” – fists of fury
the meltones “tiki cabana” – surf sensation
the meltones “surfin’ natasha” – surf sensation
the meltones “polynesian adventure” – surf sensation
the ramblin’ ambassadors “frank slide song” – vista cruiser country squire
the ramblin’ ambassadors “speed wobble” – vista cruiser country squire
samantha martin & delta sugar “addicted” – send the nightingale
lindi ortega “cigarettes & truckstops” – cigarettes & truckstops
khruangbin “zionsville” – the universe smiles upon you
sault “let me go” – 5
fugees “cowboys” – the score
lee hazlewood & nancy sinatra “summer wine” – best of
afternoons in stereo “el puma” – el puma ep
neil young/ international harvesters “southern pacific” – a treasure
april march “life of the party” – triggers
april march “allons-y” – palladium ep
them two “am I a good man” – eccentric soul sitting in the park
piero piccioni “traffic boom” – best of
otis brown & the delights “southside chicago” – eccentric soul sitting in the park

#funk #soul #surf

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