artist – song (album)
Ennio Morricone – Good Bad Ugly (Best of)
johnnie osbourne – african wake (jamaica to toronto)
bob and wisdom – i believe in music (jamaica to toronto)
b52s – summer of love (bouncing off the satellites)
neko case – soulful shade of blue (the tigers have spoken)
neko case – I’m from nowhere (the worse things get…)
neko case – bracing for sunday (the worse things get…)
Lindi Ortega – Hard as This (Tin Star)
Lindi Ortega – Tin Star (Tin Star)
cinema l’amour – oh so much (limitations)
said the whale – more than this (hawaii)
said the whale – mother (hawaii)
BA Johnston – as I am in tim hortons… (mission accomplished)
said the whale – narrows (hawaii)
BA Johnston – bad cat sitter (mission accomplished)
BA Johnston – crushing coke cans… (mission accomplished)
miesha and the spanks – this time (girls like wolves)
andria simone – change (good lovin’)
andria simone – good lovin’ (good lovin’)
so young – breathing exercises (secrets)
grouplove – schoolboy (spreading rumours)
brazilian money – long black veil (old bones…)
king krule – border line (6 feet beneath the moon)
bent shapes – leave it til you need it (feels weird)
bent shapes – panel of experts (feels weird)
kid smpl – why did I breathe? (armour ep)
kid smpl – promist (armour ep)
stereophonic space sound unlimited – the birdman (jet sound inc.)
dent may – let them talk (warm blanket)
fresh moods – solarcell (exhale)
M&M – echo beach (king size dub ch 69)

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