We had quite a day today. Were up at the crack of 8 am (actually a bit later than I usually rise), to get ready to go skiing at Mount Baker, the local capital of fresh snow.

Pearl got off to school around 845, and Miss Pinky got back to the country house around 905 am. We got Eddy Velvet ready for an exciting day of driving up to and hanging around the ski lodge. He always enjoys the ride. Left the house around 1015 am or so. The drive up was uneventful, but quite beautiful. As you rise, you go from warmish spring conditions with no snow, to major midwinter snow. Once up the lodge base, there is tons of snow, and fantastic scenery.

Baker is a great place to ski, as unlike Whistler, it is not so crowded, and they typically get lots of fresh snow all the time. The conditions were very good. Beautiful snow, no ice. Superb. As we got higher up the hill, the snow went from sticky to nice and fluffy.

We skied for the afternoon, and I tried once again to shoot some nice video while skiing. Tried my homemade steadicam for the first time skiing. Watching the video now, I can see it is still shaky. Next time I will try the steadicam on some flatter runs, that you can cruise at full speed for a smoother video experience. Maybe next time…

We had a lovely afternoon and skied till the end of the day, and then returned to the ski lodge only to find Eddy Velvet with a ski bunny in his lap… He wishes! Stopped in Glacier WA for a mocha at the local coffee shop and raced back to collect Pearl and Luna who had both been kenneled for the day.

730 pm finds us watching Pearl’s new Spice Girls video for the umpteenth time and I am about to mix my second cocktail, or as the French say Le Deuxieme Cocktail.

The ski day is always quite tiring, and I may fade early tonight. Perhaps that cocktail will help me stay awake. Yes, and maybe purple monkeys may suddenly fly out of my ass. Hope springs eternal!

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