Am in Vancouver for the day. Sitting in a Starbucks which is currently being overran by a swarm of high school students who are obviously on lunch break. Drove in early as per usual. Dropped off Barbie Velvet at her swinging new bachelor pad in Van. Did the radio show 8-10, and then went to see my barber in Kitsilano. Nick the Barber, aka “swarthy boy”. He is quite handsome, and is the only man authorized to cut my hair. Nick the barber is shown in the picture to the left, as is Eddy Velvet (file photo). I did not have to wait long to get into the chair. As usual, he only charged me the very reasonable fee of ten dollars, plus a tip.

I really like barber shops, especially old-school ones, where you look around the place and are not sure what decade you are in. I had a great barber in Montreal, Steve the Hungarian. He always had a copy of the latest Playboy in the waiting area. Priceless.

It is a gorgeous day outside, if a bit chilly. But it is sunny, dry and clear here in Vancouver.

The radio show seemed to go well, but I have yet to listen to the podcast. That is always the test.
Expecting to pack up Eddy Velvet and head south for the weekend, but not till Friday. We are talking of skiing on Monday again. Much to do between now and then. Like maybe start on those pesky income taxes… Grrr.

The financial markets are continuing to roil. Am glad I pulled the plug on my holdings before the worst of the panic took hold. This downturn will last a while, and I for one, am hoping things continue to drop in price, so that I can buy back in at a later date at much lower prices. Patience.

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