Artist – Song (album)

ennio morricone, good bad ugly (best of)
boozou bajou, under my sensi (outernational sound)
fresh moods, solarcell (exhale)
april march, some things just stick in your mind (april march & los cincos)
april march, voo doo doll (chick habit)
anima sound system, fume is the way (aquanistan)
the asteroids galaxy tour, golden age (golden age EP)
atlanta rhythm section, spooky (best of)
the awesomehots, whiskeytown (ST)
bill cosby & quincy jones, hikky burr (the new mixes)
bruce lash, psycho killer (prozak for lovers)
dubmatix, wicked part of town (rebel massive)
thievery corporation, firelight (saudade)
laurie biagini, rise up (sanctuary of sound)
we found a lovebird, 2 hours to kill (let’s start the war)
surfdusters, hot rod alley (save the waves)
surfdusters, march of the invisible traffic cops (save the waves)
jody glenham, between you and me (dreamer)
whitehorse, ephemere sans repere (ephemere sans repere)
the courtneys, manion (ST)
the bombay royale, jaan pehechan ho (bombay royale ep)
buck 65, wicked and weird (talkin’ honky blues)
camera obscura, french navy (my maudlin career)
the chandells, el gato (lost legends of surf guitar V1)
da damn phreak noise phunk, blueberry view (electric crate digger)
rob base & dj ez rock, it takes two (best of)
dee lite, groove is in the heart (best of)
david holmes, radio 7 (best of)
the temptations, have you seen her (best of)
ebb tides, big noise from waimea (lost legends of surf guitar V1)
fatboy slim, don’t let the man get you down (palookaville)

st = self-titled

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