April 19 Playlist

ennio morricone “good bad ugly” – best of
stone creations “hands on a golden key” – eccentric soul omnibus
el michel’s affair “criminology” – enter the 37th chamber
the notations “a new day” – eccentric soul twinight…
kaldirons “you and me baby” – eccentric soul twinight…
elvin spencer “lift this hurt” – eccentric soul twinight…
frankie laine “rawhide” – best of
bandana splits “rickie dee” – mr. sam presents
marrel’s marauders “the marauder” – birth of surf V3
urban surf kings “mojave hadji” – get instro-mental
urban surf kings “7 veils a gogo” – get instro-mental
urban surf kings “night flight to venice” – get instro-mental
reverberators “harlem nocturne” – limbo fury
reverberators “cubana mood” – limbo fury
reverberators “terror pipe” – limbo fury
tijuana bibles “enmascarado” – apartment wrestling
tiki tones “traitor vic” – Secret Agent S.o.u.n.d.s.
melanie durrant “by your side” – anticipation
melanie durrant “anticipation” – anticipation
five alarm funk “freight train” – sweat
five alarm funk “power of funk” – sweat
dj shadow “depth charge” – the mountain will fall
petunia & the vipers “blue yodel blues” – Dead Bird On The Highway
JD & the sunshine band “the king is gone” – soaking up the rays
daniel romano “valerie leon” – mosey
beach boys “cabin essence” – SMILE
beach boys “good vibrations” – SMILE
guns & roses “sweet child of mine” – best of
flying burrito brothers “christine’s tune” – best of
france gall “les sucettes” – best of
jonathan richman “dodge vegomatic” – best of
king tubby “channel one under heavy manning” – hometown hifi
john leyton “johnny remember me” – best of

April 12 Playlist

ennio morricone “good bad ugly” – best of
vampires sound incorporation “droge cx9” – vampyros lesbos
fantastic plastic machine “god save the mona lisa” – beautiful
shankar jaikishan “bombay talkie” – the darjeeling limited
mix master mike “hydrolik carpet ride” – bombay 2 electric vindaloo
dan the automator “punjabis pimps and players” – bombay the hard way
michael coliccio “ebony tower” – electro soul
richard c. sanders “electro soul” – electro soul
langhorns “la ruta del bacalao” – mission exotica
langhorns “in the lobby” – mission exotica
phantom 309 “indian summer” – 3000 crooked miles to honolulu
phantom 309 “waimea burning” – 3000 crooked miles to honolulu
the surfdusters “the lonely spanish hotel” – raincoast rumble
the surfdusters “raincoast rumble” – raincoast rumble
the stingrays “don’t feat the reverb” – don’t fear the reverb
urban surf kings “go go island” – surf vs. the flying saucers
urban surf kings “saucers in the sunset” – surf vs. the flying saucers
lindi ortega “waiting on my luck to change” – tin star
lindi ortega “tin star” – tin star
family of the year “st. croix” – loma vista
davie allen and the arrow “apache” – best of
westminster park “girl in the navy blue cardigan” – dear honored listener
supervillains “powergrabs” – supervillains
JD & the sunshine band “45 minute set” – soaking up the rays
caroline mark & the room mates “terrible hostess” – terrible hostess
boney m “night flight to venus” – night flight to venus
grapes of wrath “mexico” – high road
shades of brown “how could you love him” – eccentric soul sitting in the park
nancy sinatra “burning down the spark” – nancy sinatra
the enchanters “a fool like me” – eccentric soul sitting in the park
mist “girl in the window” – eccentric soul sitting in the park
cindy & the playmates “a portrait of god’s love” – eccentric soul sitting in the park

April 5 Playlist

ennio morricone “good bad ugly” – best of
stormy “the devastator” – eccentric soul twinight
dan the automator “uptown bollywood nights” – bombay the hard way
fantastic plastic machine “beautiful days” – beautiful
hankshaw bennett “oddball” – cinemaphonic soul punch
alan hankshaw “mile high swinger” – cinemaphonic soul punch
djme djyou “disco raj” – bombay 2 electric vindaloo
kalianji ananji “theme from twin sheiks” – bombay 2 electric vindaloo
hubler/schwab “people’s playground VB” – vampyros lesbos
mario nascimbene “hot buns” – electro soul
langhorns “in your fez” – mission exotica
langhorns “slipstream” – mission exotica
spic beats & pac man “inspector jay’s big score” – bombay 2 electric vindaloo
the surfdusters “radar hill” – save the waves
the surfdusters “el dementia” – save the waves
the surfdusters “drive!” – save the waves
huevos rancheros “diamond head” – muerte del toro
huevos rancheros “beach blanket blackout” – muerte del toro
huevos rancheros “el toro muerto con queso” – muerte del toro
dj shadow “the sideshow” – the mountain will fall
a la mode “bummer summer” – perfection salad
twin river “hesperus” – passing shade
lazyhorse “stone faker” – lazyhorse II
sunshine & the blue moon “never looking back” – welcome to the future
el michel’s affair “incarcerated scarfaces” – enter the 37th chamber
rob base & dj ez rock “it takes two” – best of
dynamic tints “package of love pt 1” – eccentric soul twinight…
kalianji ananji “rah-keet” – bombay 2 electric vindaloo
mario nascimbene “shake & bake” – electro soul
johnny moore “red is danger” – top deck ska instrumentals
the skatalites “lawless street” – top deck ska instrumentals
renaldo domino “no too cool to cry” – eccentric soul twinight…
the mystiques “so good to have you home again” – eccentric soul twinight…

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