February 22 Playlist

ennio morricone “good bad ugly” – best of
shankar jaikishan “bombay talkie” – darjeeling limited
cinematic orchestra “channel 1 suite” – motion
king tubby “channel one under heavy manners” – hometown hifi
nino ferrer “les cornichons” – best of
S.C.O.T.S. “cheap motels” – liquored up and lacquered down
leonard cohen “chelsea hotel no. 2” – best of
bobby de soto “the cheater” – keb darge & little edith
coco steel & lovebomb “yachts” – best of
the cactus channel “the colour of don don” – haptics
evan johns “roy the cajun” – instrobeat
the reverberators “terror pipe” – instrobeat
the heatscores “the sunset flip” – instrobeat
hodad “strangedays” – instrobeat
the deadcats “high lonesome cactus” – instrobeat
cawama “planet of the sharks” – sea sick
robert burtone hubele “whislin’ in the dark” – sleepy time king
the benton roark band “the cavalry is comin'” – deep in the pocket still no change
charlotte cardin “big boy” – big boy ep
exit someone “sydney, the list goes on” – dry your eyes
exit someone “austrian amnesia fade” – dry your eyes
kevin roy “same old sky” – heartworn highways
darcys “studio city” – centerfold
ace of base “the sign” – best of
the bandana splits “chemical reaction” – mr. sam presents
teddybears “cho cha” – devil’s music
chris isaak “wicked game” – heart shaped world
the flying burrito brothers “christine’s tune” – best of
the shacklefords “the city never sleeps” – the shacklefords sing
up bustle and out “city beakers dub” – king size dub

February 15 Playlist

ennio morricone “good bad ugly” – best of
depth charge “bounty killers” – nine deadly venoms
easy star all stars “brain damage” – dub side of the moon
the soulsations “broadway sing a ling pt 1” – eccentric sould mike lenaburg
neko case “bowling green” – the virginian
neil young “bound for glory” – old ways
the housemartins “build” – now that’s what I call quite good
B52s “bushfire” – cosmic thing
el michel’s affair “bring da ruckus” – enter the 37th chamber
budos band “budos rising” – daptone gold
the surfdusters “drive!” – instrobeat
the metalunas “lost in the moon” – instrobeat
the brewtals “wart party” – instrobeat
big john bates “tombstone twist” – instrobeat
the falcons “wake up” – instrobeat
case lang veirs “delerium” – ST
eugene ripper “matador” – altercool
melanie durrant “four seasons” – anticipation
melanie durrant “blackbox” – anticipation
twin river “known to run” – passing shade
a la mode “dreamy day in july” – perfection salad
sunshine & the blue moon “never looking back” – welcome to the future
gemma ray “rescue me” – island fire
gemma ray “troup de loup” – island fire
young mc “bust a move” – best of
elvis presley “CC rider” – on stage
laika & the cosmonauts “c’mon do the laika” – zero gravity
luna “california (all the way)” – bewitched
os mutantes “cantor de mambo” – best of
pixies “caribou” – here comes your man
eileen “ces bottes sont faites pour marcher” – pop a paris
king tubby “champion version” – hometown hifi

Feb 8 Playlist

ennio morricone “good bad ugly” – best of
frankie laine “blazing saddles” – best of
da damn phreak noiz phunk “blueberry view” – electric crate digger
barry adamson “the big bamboozle” – murky world of
sharon jones “better things” – I learned the hard way
jimmy dean “big bad john” – best of
the beatles “besame mucho” – ultra rare trax
the shacklefords “the biplane evermore” – the shacklefords sing
stereophonic space sound unlimited “the birdman” – jet sound inc.
shadowy men on a shadowy planet “bennett cerf” – savvy show stoppers
the ebb tides “big noise from waimea” – lost legends of surf guitar V1
the reverberators “bandito stomp” – instrobeat
phantom 309 “motor oil” – instrobeat
the surfdusters “attack of the 50ft. surf” – instrobeat
the mysterons “the gristler” – instrobeat
john c. “rock me tender” – instrobeat
daniel romano “valerie leon” – mosey
daniel romano “I had to hide your poem in a song” – mosey
lazyhorse “stone faker” – lazyhorse II
sonny and the sunsets “moods” – moods
we found a lovebird “in season” – lobby
the strumbellas “spirits” – hope
the burning hell “the stranger” – public library
twin river “knife” – passing shade
hannah georgas “evelyn” – ST
dj shadow “california” – the mountain will fall
king tubby “a stalawatt version” – home town hifi
dubblestandart “black cinderella dub” – king size dub
the ramones “blitzkrieg bop” – best of
blitzen trapper “black river killer” – furr
neko case “blacklisted” – blacklisted
bob marley vs. funkstar deluxe “rainbow country” – forever gold
steve & the emperors “the breeze and I” – lost legends of surf guitar V1
roland alphonso “a shot in the dark” – top deck ska instrumentals
glam sam & his combo “bossy bloke” – groovy

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