December 12 Playlist

ennio morricone “good bad ugly” – best of
carlo “the return” – ST
air “la femme d’argent” – moon safari
april march “la piscine couverte” – election
aretha franklin “I say a little prayer” – under her spell
the beach boys “little surfer girl” – best of
boney m “ma baker” – best of
chris isaak “south of the border” – the baja sessions
chris isaak “can’t do a thing to stop me” – best of
dusty springfield “son of a preacher man” – best of
the budos band “origin of man” – budos band II
duane eddy “rebel rouser” – best of
carlo “pale moon drifter” – ST
carlo “meathead” – ST
carlo “los zapatos” – ST
the 427s “julie newmar’s guitar” – stay gold
the 427s “sunset hideaway” – stay gold
the 427s “bikini thief” – stay gold
urban surf kings “surf kings stomp” – get instromental
urban surf kings “twisted brain” – get instromental
urban surf kings “tango el rollo” – get instromental
the falcons “shadow land” – ep collection
the falcons “fiesta de guerra” – ep collection
the falcons “sombrero del diablo” – ep collection
the garrys “manitouria” – surf manitou
sugar brown “hummingbird” – it’s a blues world
the brooks “where the party” – freewheelin’ walking
glen campbell “rhinestone cowboy” – best of
jonathan richman “dodge veg-o-matic” – best of
the kingston trio “everglades” – best of
henri salvador “jardin d’hiver” – best of
lee hazlewood & nancy sinatra “leather and lace” – best of
REM “cuyahoga” – life’s rich pageant
el michels affair “glaciers of ice” – enter the 37th chamber
sharon jones & dap kings “stranger to my happiness” – give the people what they want

#funk #soul #surf #dubmusic Live show.

December 5 Playlist

ennio morricone “good bad ugly” – best of
adubta “herb theme” – king size dub
black market audio “midnight at gigi rmx” – autorama
black market audio “via veneto” – autorama
the bandana splits “desert love” – mr. sam presents
flying burrito brothers “dark end of the street” – best of
glen campbell “wichita lineman” – best of
barry adamson “saturn in the summertime” – murky world of
davie allen & the arrows “experiment in terror” – shots in the dark
hillbilly soul surfers “peter gunn’s hideaway” – secret agent sounds
the neptunas “double o seafoam” – secret agent sounds
urban surf kings “night flight to venice” – get instro-mental
urban surf kings “radarmen from the moon” – get instro-mental
phono comb “enchante” – fresh gasoline
phono comb “the crass and the switchblade” – fresh gasoline
huevos rancheros “diamond head” – muerte del toro
the long war “landscapes” – landscapes
yung heazy “girl i’ll take you anywhere” – whenever your’e around I hate everything less
calpurnia “blame” – scout
gentle mind “night time in crema” – after earth
shaela miller “colour my love” – bad ideas
yukon blonde “too close to love” – critical hit
jackie lynn “chicken picken” – ST
bang data “loco” – loco
calibro 35 “un rigore sbagliato” – sogna di gloria
hot chocolate “every 1s a winner” – best of
E starr “DISCO keewix mix” – rmx 2010
cyril stapleton “theme from department S” – best of
el michels affair “verbal intercourse” – return to the 37th chamber
extended spirit “illicity pt 1” – solid water ep
herbst in peking “german fools” – king size dub V13
the handsome family “far from any road” – singing bones

Rebroadcast of Oct. 24 show.

November 28 Playlist

ennio morricone “good bad ugly” – best of
easy star all stars “money” – dub side of the moon
michael liggins “black and beautiful” – eccentric soul mike lenaburg
ronnie whitehead “out of breath” – eccentric soul mike lenaburg
michael liggins & super souls “loaded back” – eccentric soul mike lenaburg
we the people “people open your eyes” – eccentric soul mike lenaburg
depth charge “bounty killers” – nine deadly venoms
dj food “minitoka” – kaleidoscope
deltron 3030 “mastermind” – deltron 3030
doug & the slugs “making it work” – best of
the huntingdon cads “go exotic” – go exotic
the huntingdon cads “sirrocco” – go exotic
phantom 309 “indian summer” – 3000 crooked miles to honolulu
phantom 309 “three dead cows at makapuu” – 3000 crooked miles to honolulu
phantom 309 “motor oil” – 3000 crooked miles to honolulu
phono-comb “pummelled” – fresh gasoline
phono-comb “the lyon game” – fresh gasoline
phono-comb “virgo on mars” – fresh gasoline
the phantom surfers “ants in my pants” – ST
the 427s “the big sleep” – stay gold
the 427s “liberty belle” – stay gold
carlo “los zapatos” – carlo
carlo “comanche drive” – carlo
carlo “surficide” – carlo
the garrys “relics” – surf manitou
edwin starr “25 miles from home” – best of
easy star all stars “getting better” – easy stars lonely hearts dub band
dubmatix “system breakdown” – system shakedown
frankie laine “rawhide” – best of
evelyn champagne king “shame 12″ version” – best of
gary myrick & havana 3 am “imaginary western” – texas glitter & tombstone tales
el michels affair “yennicita” – sounding out the city
el michels affair “verbal intercourse” – return to the 37th chamber

#funk #soul #surf #dubmusic

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