Artist, Title, Song

Ennio Morricone, Best of, Good Bad Ugly
grace jones , hurricane, this is
de colores, pdx pop now 2011, O bruxo
the shivas, pdx pop now 2011, gun in my pocket
fm belfast, don’t want to sleep, believe
black drink crier, porch fire, the gourd
black drink crier, porch fire, porch fire
neil young & international harvesters, a treasure, bound for glory
aunts and uncles, st, november
sasha lewis, rooted, shot you down
matt masters, all western winners, highways
ann vriend, love & other messes, everybody sings in nashville
pokey lafarge, middle of everywhere, sunny side of the street
teddybears, devils music, cho cha
the bon, static electricity, zig zag
the bon , static electricity, static electricity
merpeoples, st, track 2
This Hisses, Surf Noir, Bad Vacation
This Hisses, Surf Noir, Swagger
REM, life’s rich pageant redux, begin the begin
REM, life’s rich pageant redux, underneath the bunker
les breastfeeders, dans la gueule des jours, ne perds pas ta tete marie antoinette
dirty mittens, heart of town, this here year
the fruit bats, tripper, tony the tripper
cobra 65, the groovy sounds of today, surfer’s town
the golden seals, increase the sweetness, kick it
absolute fusioon, st, cyclos
the resignators, see you in hell, rage
ziggy marley, wild and free, forward to love
shawn lee , miles of styles, bathtub dub
grace jones , hurricane, well well well

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