artist – song (album)

Ennio Morricone – Good Bad Ugly (Best of)
lola dutronic – I could go on singing (everyone’s a star)
incredible bongo band – sing sing sing (bongo rock)
incredible bongo band – pipeline (bongo rock)
james brown – get up offa that thing (best of)
jay and the americans – come a little bit closer (best of)
jason holstrom – waikiki serenade crystal blue (thieves of kailua)
shadowy men on a shadowy planet – summer wind (savvy show stoppers)
eugene ripper – end of the highway (fast folk underground 4.0)
Eugene Ripper – Queen Street 1987 (Fast Folk Underground 4.0)
tough age – gutter lemon (I get the feeling central)
Tough Age – Flamenco Wiccan (I Get the Feeling Central)
Kuzin – Wild Card (Cavity)
kuzin – cavity (cavity)
ben everyman – 2 am drunk (subourbon)
Whitehorse – Baby What’s Wrong? (Leave No Bridge Unburned)
whitehorse – tame as the wild ones (leave no bridge unburned)
whitehorse – downtown (leave no bridge unburned)
Frazey Ford – September Fields (Indian Ocean)
dean drouillard – mid air (ufo houses)
the crowbots – fever (ST)
brian wilson – on the island (no pier pressure)
grounders – bloor st. & pressure (ST)
melanie durrant – blackbox (anticipation)
melanie durrant – four seasons (anticipation)
jimmy cliff – rivers of babylon (rivers of babylon)
jimmy cliff – i can see clearly now (best of)
johnny cash – city of new orleans (man in black)
jacques dutronc – 700 millions de chinois (best of)
julie london – fly me to the moon (best of)
kenny rogers – just dropped in (best of)
kool & the gang – fresh (best of)
john leyton – johnny remember me (best of)
ST = Self-titled

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