With the departure of Barbie Velvet, who was here visiting for about a week, we are back to bachelor cooking. I am a lazy cook at the best of times, and I have to cook for myself and my father, Eddy Velvet Sr who generally has a good appetite. Tomorrow, Eddy Velvet and I will decamp to Miss Pinky’s place for the weekend. There is talk of skiing.
I bought a few stocks today, at lower prices. Just wetting my toes here, but not fully back in for a while.
Most nights I can get a decent meal together, but alas, tonight I found myself a bit short of supplies, and had to resort to that old standby, bacon and eggs. I did them scrambled, with fried onion and mushrooms and spices, and of course, the bacon. It was good. Eddy Velvet happily gobbled them up.
Does ketchup count as a vegetable?

Sometimes I wonder.

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