artist – song (album)
Ennio Morricone – Good Bad Ugly (Best of)
jack costanzo – bongo festeris (best of)
james brown – I’ll Go Crazy (live at the apollo)
jacqueline taieb – 7 heures du matin (swinging mademoiselles)
jay & the americans – come a little bit closer (best of)
neil young – thrasher (rust never sleeps)
jorgen ingmann – apache (best of)
jimmy buffett – banana republics (changes in latitudes)
joe jackson – fools in love (look sharp)
johnny cash – remember the alamo (best of)
Frazey Ford – September Fields (Indian Ocean)
dominique fricot – our last song (sweet little fantasies)
lovecoast – letters (chasing tides)
close talker – burnstick (flux)
Dean Drouillard – Return to the start (UFO Houses)
Secret sun – Cold Coast (Cold Coast)
coyote – your house (proof of life)
spoon river – slippery footed man (new sun ahhh hotel)
the wooden sky – saturday night (let’s be ready)
elephant stone – knock you from yr mountain (the three poisons)
ariel pink – plastic raincoats in the pig parade (pom pom)
cory branan – you make me (the no-hit wonder)
The Van Allen Belt – Rain (Heaven on a Branch)
jacques dutronc – gentleman cambrioleur (best of)
johnny nash – I can see clearly now (best of)
messer chups – wunderkind city (miss libido)
the bandana splits – sometimes (mister sam presents)
the blackbyrds – walking in rhythm (greatest hits)
marvin gaye – T plays it cool (best of)
fresh moods – solarcell (exhale)

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