ennio morricone “good bad ugly” – best of
gianni ferrio “un giorno in piu ultima volta” – tony arzenta
gianni ferrio “labirinto” – tony arzenta
calibro 35 “un rigore sbagliato” – sogni di gloria
the handsome family “the forgotten lake” – singing bones
lear paul leary “nowhere to run” – dramatic funk themes V3
simon hasely “prototype” – dramatic funk themes V3
el michels affair “verbal intercourse” – return to the 37th chamber
tennessee ernie ford “sixteen tons” – best of
stereophonic space sound unlimited “las casa gialla” – spooky sound sessions
deadcats “fortune teller” – bad pussy
deadcats “high lonesome cactus” – bad pussy
the deadcats “theme from bad pussy” – bad pussy
urban surf kings “radar range” – surf vs. the flying saucers
urban surf kings “luger 3” – surf vs. the flying saucers
the molestics “sizzlin’ bear” – a farewell to hokum
mac demarco “salad days” – salad days
mac demarco “blue boy” – salad days
fuaz & the feztones “soul camel” – beeramid
fuaz & the feztones “cairo twist” – beeramid
fuaz & the feztones “shiver me timbers” – beeramid
lee harvey osmond “blue moon drive” – beautiful scars
pepe deluxe “daddy’s blazing bbq” – beatitude
pepe deluxe “salami fever” – beatitude
the fuzz kings “repo man” – your kids are gonna love it
the fuzz kings “black dog bathroom wall” – your kids are gonna love it
subatomic sound system “the chronicles” – king size dub
nightmares on wax “mission venice” – smokers delight
nino ferrer “les cornichons” – best of
the proclaimers “long black veil” – sunshine on leith
lola dutronic “la note bleue” – everyone’s a star
jack costanzo “bongo festeris” – best of
herbst in peking “german fools” – king size dub V13
glam sam & his combo “the dude” – groovy
pepe deluxe “woman in blue” – beatitude

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