artist – song (album)
Ennio Morricone – Good Bad Ugly (Best of)
marcello giombini – seli (the beat the shake & the lounge V1)
jean pierre decerf & myriam chadcar – like the wind you are (cosmic future grooves V2)
ennio morricone – gil intoccabili (party music) (the beat the shake & the lounge V1)
henri salvador – jazz mediterranee (chambre avec vue)
berto pisano – inchiesta (the beat the shake & the lounge V1)
armando trovajoli – crazy (the beat the shake & the lounge V1)
stereophonic space sound unlimited – the birdman (jet sound inc.)
messer chups – miss surf (miss libido)
messer chups – daphne blue lagoon (bermuda 66)
the fuzz kings – never told a lie when I said maybe (re-turn of the century)
the fuzz kings – life lessons (re-turn of the century)
oh suzanna – into my arms (name dropper)
lovecoast – letters (chasing tides)
lovecoast – waiting on you (chasing tides)
Moss Lime – Ice Cream Sandwiches (July First)
moss lime – calabria (july first)
Slim Twig – Maintain the Charade (A Hound at the Hem)
dean drouilard – mid air (ufo houses)
north atlantic explorers – lost at sea (my father was a sailor)
laurie biagini – sanctuary of sound (sanctuary of sound)
laurie biagini – monkey business (sanctuary of sound)
bevel emboss – arabic (celluloid)
hot chocolate – every 1’s a winner (every 1’s a winner)
steely dan – babylon sisters (gaucho)
lipps inc. – funkytown (best of)
Tom Jones – Detroit City (best of)
the flying burrito brothers – christine’s tune (best of)
perrey & kingsley – winchester cathedral (best of)
cobra killer – LA shaker (76/77)

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