Artist, Title, Song

Ennio Morricone, Best of, Good Bad Ugly
cirrus, drop the break, break in
kool & the gang, gold, summer madness
the pharos, best of, pintor
the falcons, rebel jukebox, dreamrider
the falcons, rebel jukebox, rebel jukebox
daniel romano, come cry with me, middle child
tape five, bossa for a coup, cancun
adele, skyfall, skyfall
henry mancini, Top Hits, something for cat
sterephonic space sound unlimited, the spooky sound sessions, sitar jerk
Tim Chaisson, The Other Side, Beat This Heart
or if is, this is, eye spy
dubblestandart, king size dub, black cinderella
cuff the duke, union, where did we go wrong
jennah barry, young men, blackhole
dave norris & local ivan, they let you paint your darker dreams, there's lonely, there's lonelier
the pursuit of happiness, love junk, she's so young
kolapore, must be, sparrow
lemon jelly, lemon jelly, the staunton lick
annie lou, grammas rules for drinking, grammas rules for drinking
the suppliers, ST, airplane
birds of chicago, ST, befpre she goes
jenn grant, the beautiful wild, i've got your fire
luis bacalov, django unchained, django
ennio morricone, django unchained, the braying mule
camera obscura , my maudlin career , my maudlin career
Havana 3 am, st, Hey Amigo
nancy sinatra & lee hazlewood, fairy tales & fantasies, summer wine
st = self-titled 

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