Artist – Track (Album)

Ennio Morricone – Good Bad Ugly (Best of)

gemma ray – trou de loup (island fire)
nancy sinatra – burning down the spark (nancy sinatra)
barry gray – main titles (thunderbirds)
barry gray – dangerous game (thunderbirds)
lola dutronic – everyone’s a star (everyone’s a star)
sonny and the sunsets – palmreader (antenna to the afterworld)
the falcons – restless (rebel jukebox)
the falcons – half nelson (rebel jukebox)
the menahan street band – everyday a dream (the crossing)
bevel emboss – I thought she was there (celluloid)
dubmatix – wicked part of town (rebel massive)
the beatdown – the other side (walkin’ proud)
the beatdown – montreal (walkin’ proud)
daniel romano – middle child (come cry with me)
daniel romano – I’m not crying over you (come cry with me)
lindi ortega – demons don’t get me down (cigarettes & truckstops)
carolyn mark – queen of vancouver island (queen of vancouver island)
marvin gaye – T Plays it Cool (Four Brothers soundtrack)
kool & the gang – summer madness (gold)
los furios – ska in mexico (never look back EP)
los furios – steady as you go (never look back ep)
georgiana starlington – louise, louise (paper moon)
tino – ritmos latinos (tino’s breaks V 4)
fresh moods – solarcell (exhale)
tom elliot – spectator (cosmic future grooves V2)
DJ Krest & Jim Jelhow – disco flash (cosmic future grooves V2)
dubblestandart – black cinderella (king size dub)
chad & jeremy – summer song (greatest hits)
the cowsills – indian lake (best of)
cypress hill – insane in the membrane (best of)

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