Artist, Album, Song

Ennio Morricone, Best of, Good Bad Ugly
bevel emboss, celluloid, arabic
bevel emboss, celluloid, tarantula
andre williams & sadies, night and day, mississippi and joliet
lindi ortega, cigarettes and truckstops, cigarettes and truckstops
the Fundamentals, get alright, la frita
bloodshot bill, so blue, heeby jeeby blues
Twin River, Rough Gold, Can't Keep This Alive
neil young, psychedelic pill, born in ontario
whitehorse, the fate of the world depends on this kiss, peterbilt coalmine
dubmatix, rebel massive, pull up the selector
The sugarman 3, wHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOW, What the world needs now
the sugarman 3, what the world needs now, brother T.
savoir adore, our nature, sparrow
atomic 7, hillbilly caliente, devil's mittens
we found a lovebird, let's start the war, northwest on southwest avenue
los stop, chicas, extiende tu brazos
ellas, chicas, Llovio
boney m, best of, night flight to venus
jacques dutronc, best of, gentleman cambrioleur
the shacklefords, the shacklefords sing, one
lee hazlewood, best of, leather and lace
ursula 1000, here comes tomorrow, got cha
greg arcade, ready to go, ready to go
georgiana starlington, paper moon, hard grave
georgiana starlington, paper moon, the great divide
lola dutronic, everyone's a star, l'amour est bleu
billie joe spears, tarantino experience, fever
the surf coronados, tarantino experience, pipeline
glenn campbell michelle shocked texas tornados, lounge-a-palooza, wichita lineman
april march, chrominence decoder, nothing new rmx
dj jazzy jeff & the fresh prince, essential pop 1990s, summertime

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