ennio morricone “good bad ugly” – best of
twilight circus dub sound system “bassie dub I” – essential dub
laika & the cosmonauts “baha ree bah” – instruments of terror
dynamic tints & pieces of peace “be my lady” – eccentric soul twinight
michael liggins “black and beautiful” – eccentric soul mike lenaburg
piero piccioni “babylon I’m coming” – beat at cinecitta V2
bill hayes “the ballad of davy crockett” – fantastic mr. fox ST
allan sherman “the ballad of harry lewis” – my son the folk singer
the astronauts “baja” – big waves
the torquetts “bacardi” – birth of surf v3
urban surf kings “surf vs. the flying saucers” – surf vs. the flying saucers
urban surf kings “hamburg express” – surf vs. the flying saucers
urban surf kings “deep space” – surf vs. the flying saucers
the falcons “ride of the highwaymen” – atomic guitar
the falcons “the belair” – atomic guitar
the falcons “desert star” – atomic guitar
daniel romano “valerie leon” – mosey
daniel romano “mr. e. me” – mosy
mac de marco “sister” – this old dog
mac de marco “the way you’d love her” – another one
lindi ortega “tin star” – tin star
lindi ortega “waiting on my luck to change” – tin star
andria simone “change” – good lovin’
andria simone “do what I want” – good lovin’
melanie durrant “blackbox” – anticipation
melanie durrant “four seasons” – anticipation
whitehorse “devil’s got a gun” – The Fate of the World Depends on This Kiss
the ronettes “be my baby” – best of
easy star all stars “being for the benefit of mr. kite” – lonely hearts dub band
jack costanzo “bongo festeris” – mr. bongo
dj me dj you “bionic kahaan” – bombay 2 electric vindaloo
kalyanji & ananji “bollywood b-boy battle” – bombay 2 electric vindaloo
lemon jelly “homage to patagonia” – lemon jelly.ky
lemon jelly “nervous tension” – lemon jelly.ky
beach boys “cabin essence” – SMILE

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