ennio morricone “best of” – good bad ugly
incredible bongo band “satisfaction” – bongo rock
da damn phreak noiz phunk “blueberry view” – electric crate digger
jack costanzo “bongo festeris” – mr. bongo
jp decerf & m chadcar “like the wind you are” – cosmic future groove V2
talking heads “city of dreams” – true stories
boney m “night flight to venus” – nightflight to venus
barry white “never gonna give ya up” – best of
lipps inc. “funkytown” – best of
messer chups “miss surf” – miss libido
fuad & the fezztones “san jose” – beeramid
fuad & the fezztones “yeah yeah” – beeramid
the tubuloids “surf fukushima” – surf fukushima
the tubuloids “walk don’t run” – surf fukushima
friendly rich “a perfect day for bananafish” – the sacred prune of remembrance
friendly rich “grapefruit league” – the sacred prune of remembrance
ace martens “on to me” – palm springs
black mountain “over and over” – IV
gun outfit “drive off” – two way player
christa couture “alone in this” – long time leaving
roxanne potvin “I thought I’d miss you” – for dreaming
matthew & jill barber “summer wages” – the family album
the wet secrets “quelle surprise” – I can live forever EP
ottawan “t’es OK” – le bal
tipsy “swingin’ spaceman” – buzzz
messer chups “trashmen upgrade” – miss libido
herbst in peking “german fool” – king size dub V 13
dubblestandart “marijuana dreams” – king size dub
J-walk “soul vibration” – a night on the rocks

Happy Canada Day! xoxo JV

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