Artist, Title, Song

the molestics, a farewell to hokum, sudafed
uncle sam, steppas delight, round the world
tommy t, the prester john sessions, oromo dub
maiko watson, sweet vibration, sweet vibration rmx
the endless bummer, modern american calypsos, boring but beautiful
elvis bossanova, st, viva las vegas
the budos band, daptone gold, budos rising
the wave dwellers, st, the mothdance
the wave dwellers, st, surfbeat
sharon jones & dap kings, daptone gold, got a thing on my mind
the postmarks, memoirs at the end of the world, for better or worse
pink martini, splendor in the grass, new amsterdam
rtd2, the colossus, let there be horns
the kingmakers, tupelo to memphis, ice cold rockabilly
brasstronaut, mt. chimaera, lo hi hopes
the hotrats, turn ons, fight for your right to party
ballgag & chaingang, st, the battle is over
ballgag & chaingang, st, where did the love go
petroleum byproduct, superficial artificial, somethin somethin
messer chups, crazy price, monkey safari
atomic 7, gowns by edith head, the man with the golden card
sharon jones & dap kings, daptone gold, the world is going up in flames
lavelle white, rhythm & blues, i’ve never found a man to love
angelo spencer et les hauts sommets, st, estonia
the sugar twins, patio a gogo, amsterdam
the sugar twins, patio a gogo, ski bunny
monty, pop a paris, le college
marie laforet, pop a paris, marie douceur marie colere
the bug and the warrior queen, steppas delight, poison dart
thievery corporation, radio retaliation, hare krishna

st = self titled, rmx = remix

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