artist – song (album)

Ennio Morricone – Good Bad Ugly (Best of)
el michels affair – uzi (pinky ring) (enter the 37th chamber)
the budos band – the sticks (burnt offering)
kool & the gang – summer madness (gold)
the cactus channel – the colour of don don (haptics)
glam sam & his combo – shaken (groovy)
the incredible bongo band – wipeout (bongo rock)
the bombay royale – theme from patthar aur palal (ep)
messer chups – trashmen upgrade (miss libido)
the surfdusters – hot rod alley (save the waves)
the surfdusters – march of the invisible traffic cops (save the waves)
laurie biagini – sunset (sanctuary of sound)
westminster park – girl in the navy blue cardigan (dear honoured listener)
the crowbots – days run away (st)
the crowbots – ceci do-wop (st)
whitehorse – sweet disaster (leave no bridge unburned)
whitehorse – you get older (leave no bridge unburned)
BA Johnston – couch potato alright (shit sucks)
yelle – nuit de baise I (completement fou)
dawn pemberton – don’t waste your time (say somethin’)
laggards – so sad (so feels)
north atlantic explorers – don’t want no one else (my father was a sailor)
Leonard Cohen – Almost Like The Blues (Popular Problems)
art bergmann – company store (songs for the underclass)
twin river – secret in a seance (should the lights go out)
twin river – he’s not real and he ain’t coming back (should the lights go out)
lola dutronic – S.O.S. (everyone’s a star)
The Proclaimers – Long Black Veil (Sunshine on Leith)
stereophonic space sound unlimited – the lizard (jet sound inc.)
Boney M – Nightflight To Venus (Nightflight To Venus)
tipsy – kitty’s daydream (buzz)
tino – ritmos latinos (tino’s breaks V4)
herbst in peking – german fools (king size dub V13)
ST = Self-Titled

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