Artist, Title, Song

Ennio Morricone, Best of, Good Bad Ugly
REM, document, exhuming mccarthy
REM, life's rich pageant, cuyahoga
lola dutronic, everyone's a star, my summer song
the Fundamentals, get alright, la frita
the fundamentals, get alright, get alright
house of david gang, reggae warrior, imaginary woman
dum dum girls, end of daze, i got nothing
anima sound system, aquanistan, fume is the way
the apples in stereo, new magnetic wonder, skyway
annie lou, grandma's rules for drinking, grandmas rules for drinking
Jenn Grant, The Beautiful Wild, I Want You Back
atomic 7, en hillbilly caliente, devils mittens
atomic 7, en hillbilly caliente, funeral hotpants
art of noise, best of, moments in love
twin river, rough gold, can't keep this alive
the beatdown, walkin' proud, the other side
the beatdown, walkin' proud, walkin' proud
b52s, bouncing off the satellites, summer of love
barry adamson, the murky world of barry adamson, 007, a fantasy bond theme
Barry White, Best of, Love's Theme
western roots, babylon central, rockers galore
pixies, trompe le monde, u-mass
pixies, trompe le monde, the navajo know
fresh moods, exhale, solarcell
dj food, kaleidoscope, minitoka
the sandals, big waves comp., theme from endless summer
comp. = compilation 

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