ennio morricone “good bad ugly” – best of
them two “am i a good man” – eccentric soul deep city
cindy & the playmates “a portrait of gods love” – eccentric soul sitting in the park
stormy “the devastator” – eccentric soul twinight
spic beatz & pak man “inspector jay’s big score” – bombay 2 electric vindaloo
cypress hill “insane in the membrane” – black sunday
easy star all stars “time” – dub side of the moon
king tubby “king tubbys in fine style” – hometown hifi
ursula 1000 “pleasure unit” – the now sound of
incredible bongo band “I can’t get no satisfaction” – bongo rock
the avantis “Gypsy Surfer” – the birth of surf
phantom 309 “red giants” – 3000 crooked miles to honolulu
phantom 309 “serf” – 3000 crooked miles to honolulu
phantom 309 “mountain valley war” – 3000 crooked miles to honolulu
phantom surfers “the ants in my pants” – Heide Sez Sampler 1996
phono-comb “phonebone” – fresh gasoline
phono-comb “grip n grin” – fresh gasoline
the planet smashers “descent into the valley…” – descent into the valley of…
the planet smashers “the hippopotamus” – descent into the valley of…
fuad & the feztones “brother in law” – beeramid
fuad & the feztones “soul camel” – beeramid
the skanksters “gone” – The All Skanadian Club, Volume III
the skanksters “mary celeste” – The All Skanadian Club Vol. II – The Best of Canadian Ska
jaymz bee “Clint East Woody Allen Alda” – Clint East Woody Allen Alda
lindi ortega “cigarettes & truckstops” – cigarettes & truckstops
lindi ortega “murder of crows” – cigarettes & truckstops
aDUBta “herb theme” – king size dub reggae germany downtown
dubblestandart “black cinderella” – king size dub
smokaholic “puff and pass” – welcome to vansterdam
kool & the gang “fresh rmx” – wild & peaceful
paul hardcastle “19” – best of
dan the automator “inspector jay from delhi” – bombay the hard way
lola dutronic “my summer song” – everyone’s a star

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