artist – song (album)

Ennio Morricone – Good Bad Ugly (Best of)
bertrand burgalat – aux cyclades electroniques (ssssound of mmmmusic)
Block 16 – Slow Hot Wind (Outernational Sound)
da damn phreak noiz phunk – blueberry view (electric crate digger)
don ho – the windward side (best of)
chad & jeremy – no tears for johnny (best of)
prozak for lovers – don’t fear the reaper (ST)
bevel emboss – arabic (celluloid)
bevel emboss – I thought she was there (celluloid)
huevos rancheros – super creep (muerte del toro)
huevos rancheros – ride, cowboy (muerte del toro)
Huevos Rancheros – Wild Turkey Surprise (Muerte Del Toro)
the surfdusters – the mighty niagara (save the waves)
the surfdusters – banzai rider (save the waves)
Little Bobby Moore – Do the Ginger Snap (R&B Hipshakers V1)
melanie durrant – gone (anticipation)
melanie durrant – anticipation (anticipation)
emily triggs – laisse tomber les filles (when guinevere went under)
lee harvey osmond – blue moon drive (beautiful scars)
houndmouth – otis (little neon limelight)
Eugene Ripper – Queen Street 1987 (Fast Folk Underground 4.0)
great lake swimmers – something like a storm (a forest of arms)
twin river – secret in a seance (should the light go out)
whitehorse – downtown (leave no bridge unburned)
sonia – aqui en mi nube (chicas)
marisol – johnny (chicas)
brian wilson – whatever happened (no pier pressure)
brian wilson – on the island (no pier pressure)
hot butter – popcorn (popcorn)
frank sinatra – my way (best of)
george baker selection – little green bag (best of)
margarita sierra – cha cha twist (chicas)
tino – conversation with tino (tino’s breaks V4)
tino – fresh mambo (tino’s breaks V4)

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