Artist, Title, Song

Ennio Morricone, Best of, Good Bad Ugly
messer chups, crazy price, sex euro and evil's pop
messer chups, miss libido, wunderkind city
bevel emboss, celluloid, arabic
REM, lifes rich pageant, underneath the bunker
the beatdown, walkin' proud, reggae dance
the beatdown, walkin' proud, running around
greg arcade, ready to go, she's my baby
greg arcade, ready to go, Your'e so good looking
lindi ortega, cigarettes & truckstops, cigarettes & truckstops
twin river, rough gold, can't keep this alive
lindi ortega, cigarettes & truckstops, murder of crows
neil young, psychedelic pill, born in ontario
harry manx, om suite ohm, further shore
dubblestandart, king size dub V 13, marijuana dreams
herbst in peking, king size dub V 13, german fools
E. Starr, DISCO rmx 2010, DISCO
atomic 7, gowns by edith head, seven stranded castanets
atomic 7, gowns by edith head, artistry in nachos
the pursuit of happiness, love junk, I'm an adult now
luis bacalov, django unchained, django
annie lou, grandmas rules for drinking, grandmas rules for drinking
boney m, best of, el lute
incredible bongo band, bongo rock, satisfaction
gotan project, tango 3.0, desilusion
the doors, best of, light my fire
the doors , best of, love her madly
marlena shaw, verve remixed v4, california soul
st = self-titled, rmx = remixed 

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