Well, it has been a hectic few days. The weekend was spent chez Miss Pinky, but we did not ski as we had planned. I have said for years that I am a fairweather skier, and sailor. This remains true today. The day we were considering skiing was Monday, and it was looking like crappy weather, so rather than drive up the mountain in heavy snow, we decided to stay home.
In other news, I have recently finalized the content for the Jack Velvet Barside Companion. More news on this as it becomes available. 178 Classic Cocktails for the Terminally Urbane.

I tried driving our uber riding mower in the snow on Monday. It ended up getting stuck in the snow on a minor slope! Maybe I can get some chains for the tires or something. Studded tires perhaps… In any case, I ran the engine for a while, and that is good. Good because: A) Running the mower may contribute to global warming, and could therefore lower my home heating bill over time, and B) It charges the battery.
Last year, I had to replace the $%#@-ing battery because I had not run the mower at all in 4 or 5 months. So this winter, I will try to run it every week or two. I may need to establish a men’s winter riding mower racing circuit… The JVMWRMRC. How’s that for a catchy acronym??

Today, I was unfortunately unable to do my radio show, as I had to be in New Westminster for a video shoot, and was otherwise racing around Vancouver all day on snowy roads. I will be back on air next Wednesday as usual.

Mon pays ce n’est pas un pays, c’est l’hiver…

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