ennio morricone “good bad ugly” – best of
el michels affair “bring da ruckus” – enter the 37th chamber
adubta “herb theme” – king size dub ch 2
ursula 1000 “tropicadelica” – mondo beyondo
tino “I like it mambo” – tino’s breaks V4
calibro 35 “calling all units to broccolino” – ritornano quelli di
ennio morricone “la moda” – beat the shake and the lounge V2
the proclaimers “long black veil” – sunshine on leith
love and rockets “so alive” – love and rockets
stereophonic space sound unlimited “the whistler returns” – the spooky sound sessions
the ronettes “be my baby” – best of
urban surf kings “7 veils a gogo” – get instro-mental
urban surf kings “man from adano” – Surf vs. The Flying Saucers
urban surf kings “radarmen from the moon” – live in hell
the falcons “barracuda” – Queen of Diamonds
the falcons “black ice” – ep collection
the falcons “dreamrider” – ep collection
sunshine & the blue moon “never looking back” – welcome to the future
sunshine & the blue moon “welcome to the future” – welcome to the future
coco love alcorn “trouble” – wonderland
a la mode “ce sentiment” – perfection salad
avec pas d’casque “autour” – effets speciaux
jesse and the dandelions “wishful thinking” – true blue
hot chocolate “every 1’s a winner” – best of
glen campbell “rhinestone cowboy” – best of
jack costanzo “caravan” – mr. bongo
lola dutronic “l’amour est bleu” – everyone’s a star
flying burrito brothers “christine’s tune” – best of
glam sam & his combo “the dude” – groovy

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