ennio morricone “good bad ugly” – best of
barry gray “thunderbirds titles” – best of
boney m “nightflight to venus” – nightflight to venus
budos band “trail of tears” – burn offering
afternoons in stereo “return of the puma” – el puma ep
da damn phreak noiz funk “lunchcorner” – electric crate digger
the flying burrito brothers “six days on the road” – best of
glam sam “mind body and soul” – groovy!
henry mancini “lujon” – best of
stereophonic space sound unlimited “re 307” – the spooky sound sessions
sentinals “vesuvius” – birth of surf V3
the surfdusters “drive” – instrobeat 2001
the metalunas “lost in the moon” – instrobeat 2001
the brewtals “wart party” – instrobeat 2001
big john bates “tombstone twist” – instrobeat 2001
the falcons “wake up” – instrobeat 2001
blackie & rodeo kings f. rodney crowell “live by the song” – kings and kings
blackie & rodeo kings f. eric church “bury my heart” – kings and kings
blackie & rodeo kings f. city and colour “beautiful scars” – kings and kings
a la mode “dreamy day in july” – perfection salad
a la mode “ce sentiment” – perfection salad
jesse & the dandelions “no fun” – true blue
jesse & the dandelions “wishful thinking” – true blue
eugene ripper “matador” – altercool
lee harvey osmond “blue moon drive” – beautiful scars
imagination “illusion” – best of
richard de bordeaux “la drogue” – pop a paris disc 2
virginie “vous n’avez rien compris” – pop a paris V1
les breastfeeders “betty lou” – Dans la Gueule des Jours
tom elliot “spectator” – cosmis future groove V2
ursula 1000 “stinger” – mondo beyondo
marvin gaye “”T” plays it cool” – best of
lola dutronic “on my radio” – everyone’s a star
small night orchestra “fried chicken” – the immortality of the crabs

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