artist – song (album)

Ennio Morricone – Good Bad Ugly (Best of)
langhorns – camel ride (mission exotica)
air – ce matin la (moon safari)
radiohead – creep (pablo honey)
elvis presley – CC Rider (on stage: Feb 1970)
les rita mitsouko – c’est comme ca (acoustiques)
tape five – cancun (bossa for a coup)
os mutantes – cantor de mambo (best of)
stereophonic space sound unlimited – C for Cobra (jet sound inc.)
messer chups – chupacabra twist (bermuda 66)
bevel emboss – I thought she was there (celluloid)
laurie biagini – monkey business (sanctuary of sound)
whitehorse – downtown (leave no bridge unburned)
Echo Nebraska – Hey, Allison (Send The Ships)
michael feuerstack – receiver (the forgettable truth)
moss lime – calabria 2015 (july first)
ben everyman – polyamorous date night (subourbon)
westminster park – girl in the navy blue cardigan (dear honoured listener)
the crowbots – days run away (days run away)
zuzu’s petals – with the buffalo (past lives)
frazey ford – your’e not free (indian ocean)
verbal tip – lil’ blue box (phased)
invisible familiars – bestial western (disturbing wildlife)
dawn pemberton – don’t waste your time (say somethin’)
chris isaak – can’t do a thing to stop me (san francisco days)
henri salvador – carnaby street (pop a paris)
frank sinatra – come fly with me (live at the sands)
stan getz astrud gilberto – corcovado (best of)
bandana splits – choo choo (mr. sam presents)
steely dan – cousin dupree (best of)
lindi ortega – cigarettes & truckstops (cigarettes & truckstops)
shawn lee – cha love (moods & grooves)

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