July 24-19 Playlist

ennio morricone “good bad ugly” – best of
air “dead bodies” – the virgin suicides
hankshaw/ bennett “daytripper” – cinemaphonic soul punch
lindi ortega “darkness be gone” – liberty
steely dan “deacon blues” – aja
willy nelson & friends “dead flowers” – stars & guitars
havana 3 am “death in the afternoon” – ST
dubmatix “deep dark dub TVS rmx” – king size dub
the budos band “deep in the sand” – budos band II
the huntingdon cads “deguello” – go exotic
scott engel “devil surfer” – lost legends of surf guitar II
urban surf kings “lugar 3” – surf vs. the flying saucers
urban surf kings “deep space” – surf vs. the flying saucers
urban surf kings “saucers in the sunset” – surf vs. the flying saucers
phono comb “pummelled” – fresh gasoline
phono comb “the lyon game” – fresh gasoline
huevos rancheros “diamond head” – muerte del toro
phono comb “the crass and the switchblade” – fresh gasoline
fuad & the feztones “soul camel” – beeramid
fuad & the feztones “shiver me timbers” – beeramid
fuad & the feztones “san jose” – beeramid
andria simone “proud of me” – good lovin’
andria simone “I’m in trouble” – good lovin’
andria simone “I believe in your” – good lovin’
neko case “deep red bells” – blacklisted
subatomic sound system “dem can’t stop we from talking” – king size dub
el michels affair “detroit twice” – sounding out the city
stormy “the devastator” – eccentric soul twinight
the verbrilli sound “descender” – many colored butterflies
blue rodeo “diamond mine” – diamond mine
beck “devil’s haircut” – odelay

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July 3 Playlist

ennio morricone “good bad ugly” – best of
alessandro alessandroni “i baronetti” – the beat the shake and the lounge V2
piero umiliani “requiem per un agente segreto” – the beat the shake and the lounge V2
cindy & the playmates “a portrait of gods love” – eccentric soul sitting in the park
puzzle people “reach for the truth” – eccentric soul sitting in the park
dubblestandart “marijuana dreams” – king size dub ch 13
melissa & the big crash “bolt da gold” – king size dub reggae germany downtown
dan the automator “inspector jay from delhi” – bombay the hard way
dynomite d “basmati beatdown” – bombay 2 electric vindaloo
boney m “nightflight to venus” – nightflight to venus
incredible bongo band “pipeline” – bongo rock
messer chups “daphne blue lagoon” – bermuda 66
the falcons “barracuda” – instrobeat
the instrumen “tsunami” – instrobeat
pet fairies “planet of no return” – instrobeat
the mysterons “bloodhound” – instrobeat
sharkskin “trainwreck” – instrobeat
urban surf kings “journey to the stars” – live in hell
urban surf kings “misirlou pipeline” – live in hell
urban surf kings “james bond” – live in hell
los mel-tones “custom cruiser” – surf before sunrise
los mel-tones “return of the surfin headhunters” – surf before sunrise
the molestics “freedom twenty five” – manufacturing hokum
the molestics “william tell miniature” – manufacturing hokum
the 427s “julie newmar’s guitar” – stay gold
the 427s “sunset hideaway” – stay gold
el michels affair “glaciers of ice” – enter the 37th chamber
el michels affair “incarcerated scarfaces” – enter the 37th chamber
nina simone “here comes the sun” – remixed & reimagined
tone loc “funky westside” – cool hand loc
smokaholic “puff and pass” – welcome to vansterdam
tino “I like it mambo” – tinos breaks V4
glam sam & his combo “the dude” – groovy

Rebroadcast of Feb. 6 show. Happy Canada Day!

June 26 Playlist

ennio morricone “good bad ugly” – best of
pepe deluxe “black cadillac” – beatitude
dubblestandart “black cinderella” – king size dub
michael liggins “black and beautiful” – eccentric soul mike lenaburg
julie london “black coffee” – best of
steely dan “black friday” – best of
budos band “black hills” – burnt offering
steve lawrence & eydi gorme “blackhole sun” – loungeapalooza
blitzen trapper “black river killer” – furr
neko case “blacklisted” – blacklisted
jonathan richman “blue moon” – jonathan richman
stereophonic space sound unlimited “the case” – plays lost tv themes
phono comb “virgo on mars” – fresh gasoline
phono comb “cliffhanger” – fresh gasoline
phono comb “international anthem” – fresh gasoline
phantom 309 “indian summer” – 3000 crooked miles to honolulu
phantom 309 “waimea burning” – 3000 crooked miles to honolulu
ramblin ambassadors “lungbucket” – avanti
ramblin ambassadors “sixty seconds to what?” – avanti
ramblin ambassadors “theme from ramblin bastards” – avanti
los mel tones “rocket sled to oahu” – Surfin’ At Black Point
los mel tones “surfin’ natasha” – Surfin’ At Black Point
los mel tones “you’ll never surf in this town again” – Surfin’ At Black Point
carlo “pale moon drifter” – carlo
the 427s “julie newmars guitar” – stay gold
culver city dub collective “lei’s sweet inspiration dub” – dos
culver city dub collective “crying shame” – dos
thievery corporation “blasting through the city” – radio retaliation
soul blenders “blending soul” – eccentric soul mike lenaburg
the ramones “blitzkrieg pop” – best of
willie nelson “blue eyes crying in the rain” – live at billy bob’s texas
chris isaak “blue hotel” – chris isaak
da damn phreak noiz phunk “blueberry view” – electric crate digger
bob marley vs funkstar deluxe “rainbow country” – forever gold
boney m “kalimba de luna” – best of
dan the automator “bombay 405 miles” – bombay the hard way
Rebroadcast of May 1 show.

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